Women’s Bible Study
Beginning January 15 & 16

God of Creation
by Jen Wilkin

As God reveals Himself through Scripture, we see Him bring light after darkness, order after chaos, and rest after toil – all through the power of His Word. In revisiting familiar stories and historical figures, we challenge our basic knowledge and discover deeper meanings in the text, glimpsing more of our Creator’s character, attributes, and promises.

Come join the group of women who are encouraging each other to “stay the course, and live a life of faithfulness!”

Our format integrates personal study in the workbook, weekly DVD teachings, and small group discussion to maximize the impact of these principles for God’s wisdom in our lives.

It’s easy to attend. Simply obtain your book as outlined below, and join us either Monday evening or Tuesday morning in the Pool of Siloam adjacent to Bonhoeffer’s Café, #18 Franklin Street. We recommend you register in advance to secure your Workbook at the Welcome Counter on Sundays, or use the email option below to request more information…. however you are welcome to register onsite at our first meeting.

  1. Reserve your book at the Welcome Counter before and after Sunday service. Simply fill out the registration form with a payment of $20.
  2. For delivery to your home, order through LifeWay. You can order online at LifeWay.com or call 1-800-458-2772 and ask for the product #006105359. If you choose to obtain your book through LifeWay, please fill out a registration form at the Welcome Center along with a $5 registration fee.

Questions? Contact Sandy Berube at sandyberube@mac.com and (603) 883-8273.

There’s no preparation required to attend the first meeting. Simply come and we’ll view the first video component to our study. Each week thereafter we’ll meet and discuss insights and questions from your personal study during the week in the workbook, and watch the next video session.

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