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To our friends near and far…greetings and blessings in Jesus name! Welcome to Gate City Church’s Podcast Library.

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The purpose of posting our weekly messages in this format is to further proclaim the message God is burning on our hearts in Nashua—to be devoted to the simplicity of devotion in Christ. May you be spurred to deeper passion with Christ as you consider the call he is sending forth in this hour.

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I Love The Church

Date: 02-18-2018. Title: “I Love The Church”. Primary Text: Revelation 19:6.  Speaker: Terry King.

Ezekiel Series Wrap

Date: 02-11-2018. Title: “Ezekiel Series Wrap”. Primary Text: Ezekiel 36-39.  Speaker: Paul Berube.

Ezekiel 38

Date: 02-04-2018. Title: “Ezekiel 38”. Speaker: Paul Berube.

Ezekiel 37-Lesson 2

Date: 01-28-2018. Title: “Ezekiel 37-Lesson 2”. Primary Text: Ezekiel 37:15-28.  Speaker: Paul Berube.

Valley of Dry Bones

Date: 01-21-2018. Title: “Valley of Dry Bones”. Primary Text: Ezekiel 37:1-14.  Speaker: Paul Berube.

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