First Look

Inspire Wonder

Inspiring WONDER in our little ones!You’re a pre-schooler, and the world is bursting with newness. Each day is filled with one new discovery after another. Where did that bird come from? Look, the moon is shaped funny tonight! Who thought to color the butterfly like that? First Look gives children a first impression of their heavenly Father and the wonder of His love for each one of them.

First Look Groups

First impressions are important. That’s why the First Look curriculum is designed to give preschool children a first impression of their loving heavenly Father. The curriculum keeps it simple and fun, repeating one basic truth about God all month long. First Look also helps children understand worship and introduces them to small group time. The activities tickle all the senses making mastering the concepts a blast. Crazy fun activities to crafts to large group Bible story and worship time to small group Bible time, it’s all part of the plan to help a child believe three key things by the time he’s five years old:

1. God made me.

2. God loves me.

3. Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

First Look Home

In addition to the groups section of the First Look curriculum providing you with resources for large group/small group environments, we also equip you with resources for the home. We call them Parent CUES because they’re designed to “cue” parents to leverage everyday moments with their child to Connect to God’s story, to Uncover something about life, and to Experience something together.

Parent Time: Rich in vision, monthly “Parent Time” helps parents of babies and toddler imagine the end. Each month parents are reminded that a child is never to young to hear God loves him.

Small Talk: Designed for older preschoolers, “Small Talk” helps parents create a rhythm at home with ideas for incorporating faith learning into Play Time, Drive Time, Bath Time and Cuddle Time.


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Meeting Information

First Look Nursery
Ages 10 months through 2 years old.
Teacher: Akhrieno Kumar
Location: Nursery Wing (first floor by the restrooms)

First Look 1
Ages 2 through 3 years old.
Teacher: Terri Connolly
Location: Nursery Wing (first floor by the restrooms)

First Look 2
Ages 4 through 5 years old.
Teacher: Casey Groder
Location: Nursery Wing (first floor by the restrooms)