The Greater Nashua Growth & Healing Center is nonprofit charitable organization comprised of a group of volunteers who are trained through a mentoring program. They are ready, willing and able to assist others interested in learning and growing.

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Love & Respect

A ten week study examining: The love she most desires and the respect he desperately needs. By Dr. Emerson Eggerichs A Focus on the Family Book. Materials fee: $25

Anger Management

A 12-step approach to developing healthy and effective skills to express and control anger. Includes workbook, lectures, and small group interaction in a 13-week seminar. Materials fee $20.

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Beyond Boundaries

A 6 week course on: Learning to trust again in relationships. Experience the love and freedom God designed us to have. $15 materials fee.


A 13-week program designed to assist people in adjusting to a significant loss in life, such as a loved one. Learn how grief affects you and those around you, as well as healthy ways to process feelings and heal emotionally in a support group atmosphere. $18 materials fee.

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Divorce Care

A 13-week seminar designed to help individuals gain understanding and healing from the difficult experience of divorce or separation. Includes workbook, weekly videos, and group interaction. Materials fee $18.

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Financial Peace University

A 9-week study that will show you how to master budgeting, save for emergencies, pay off debt, plan and invest for the future, and live and give like no one else.

General Information

Who will the center help?

Those interested in learning more about:

  • Anger Management
  • Finance Principles
  • Relationship Issues
  • Dealing with Divorce or Separation
  • Handling Significant Personal Loss
  • Parenting children ages 2-12
  • Healthy Dating
  • Healthy Marriages

Who is involved?

Our group leaders are individuals who have prior experience with the seminar and the course materials involved. Like yourself, they have experienced life’s challenges and have a desire to help others overcome and improve their lives through these programs. They should be considered “Peer Caregivers” and not professional counselors.

When does it start?

Each program runs on roughly a semester basis; please email to find out more about the program that interest you. Information about class start dates are listed in the left hand column of this page.

What does it cost?

All of our programs are free of cost to the participant. Some of the seminars do utilize workbooks and these materials should be purchased by those attending at the first class.

How can I make a connection?

We continually monitor the need for various programs and schedule them accordingly.

For the latest information about these seminars and costs of any materials involved, please call us at (603) 883-8273 ext 114, or email us at