Following the principle in Philemon 20, the annual GOIAM Conference is designed to be a week of refreshment for the man and woman of God. While all attendees benefit from exceptional teaching and intimate worship, there is extended time allotted to building relationships. We recognize that it is in true fellowship that deep support, challenge, and refreshment comes.

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Hope and Life

Hope and Life is an outreach arm of Gate City Church, based in Nashua, NH.  Hope and Life supports projects around the world that reach out to children who live in poverty and who are exploited or orphaned. We partner with in-country organizations and nationals to support their efforts to make a difference in their own communities. Our focus is on helping our partners meet the basic physical needs of the children they reach out to—helping to provide shelter, clean water and food, as well as education and job training.

For more information on how to get involved, visit their website.

Short Term Missions

Gate City Church has many annual mission outreaches. Opportunities will be posted as they become available.