Sunday in Burma

By February 3, 2013Travel


Sorry that communications have been spotty but the site lost it’s Internet and we’ve been pretty isolated without it.

Held our last service this morning (#19) and now packing for an early lift off in the morning.

Tom has been a great travel companion and is the talk of the town with that flowing white hair.

The folks at Acts and Charity were awesome and especially appreciated the time with the church planters.

Hit by a little stomach thing and fever so do appreciate your prayers on that.

Lunch with Monica, her mom and Chung Chung. Looks like they want to give it one last try to get her at NCA. Really a delightful young girl.

Now it’s off to Seoul Korea via Bangkok and Manila. The purpose is to recruit for NCA students for September.

It’s been great but we’re ready to start heading west.


Paul and Tom